Smoked Fish as well as Pickled and Otherwise Cured

What we mean when we say Smoked Fish has Landed:

Any and all of the following fish have arrived on a plane from NYC’s Russ and Daughters and Acme Smoked Fish. Generally speaking we source as locally as possible.

For these precious, shrinking cultural foodways and the facility to prepare them, they must travel a little further. Still artisan, still small scale production. Peter makes a run to the airport periodically and they sell fast. Come get them soon after we send the email notification. And sign up for the email list here.

Acme Smoked Fish. Photo by Karen Adelman.

Acme Smoked Fish. Photo by Karen Adelman.





Pickled Lox

Smoked Salmon Belly


Kippered Salmon

Herring Rollmops

Herring in Wine or Cream Sauce

Bering Ciscos

Smoked Trout